Our company starts its activity in 1993 with importing wood charcoals and grill barbeque accesoires.

Since 1997 under the registered trade mark MISTER BARBEQUE distributes various products which in the years to come will be widely recognized and accepted by the Greek market.

Adding new articles is constantly recognized and accepted in the Greek market as an innovative company (introducing and selling innovative products such as wood briquettes (2002) and charcoal briquettes (2003) and packing natural pine fire starters in packs of 4 & 1 kgr.) At the same time introduces and distributes for the first time in North Greece smoke sweepers in various forms.

From 2006, the thoughts of turning the company from the commercial sector to the productive stage mature and so in the year 2006 it produces and launches the first Greek made chimney sweeper in the Greek market and then by improving the composition and packaging produces it since 2010 with a registred patent up to now.

Today, MISTER BARBEQUE produces a complete list of innovative and highly effective smoke sweepers for every kind heating device.

By possessing the necessary know-how, we are constantly expanding our production of other artivles, aiming at the full coverage of the needs of the particular product sector, having as a key point of reference only the production of innovative and efficient products that outweigh the already existing ones, while ensuring our innovations by registering them.